Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good News for the Wabash Trace trail in Iowa

Quoted from the Bike Omaha blog:

"The Omaha World Herald has an article about the Wabash trace receiving Federal funding to pave the middle part of the trail if enough money is raised to cover engineering costs. If the trail hosts raise a total of $55,000 ($30,000 of which has already been raised), the Federal government will provide an extra $2 million to pave the trail from Mineola to Shenandoah. "

"This makes sense for those who would possibly venture further than the 9 miles to Mineola if the trail was not as tough.Anyone who has ridden most or all of the trail knows that between Council Bluffs and Mineola, the trial is well used and very packed down. However, once past Mineola, the trail is used more sparsely, and therefore not as smooth. There's the paved quarter mile (or so) section just North of Shenandoah that always feels amazing after trudging over the limestone path most of the day. I can see this being a huge impact on trail use."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

WISH Ride Sep. 27 Percival, Iowa

Don't forget! Next Sunday is the Annual WISH Ride in Percival, Iowa (just east of Nebraska City) Here is the link to the application form:

Don't let me down! This is a great ride and it goes to a great cause! I wish I could be there with you guys!


Friday, September 4, 2009

16 mile ride on Lakeshore Drive tonight

Here is the sign for Grand Haven as you enter the city limits from the south on Lakeshore Drive. You can see more photos from this ride over on my MichiganTrails blog. I survived my first week on my new job. Yay!!!