Monday, January 26, 2009

Movie Monday - Jan 26

The video above was shot during BRAN 28 on the descent into the Niobrara River valley. Registration for BRAN 29 begins this weekend!

Here is an interesting, if overpriced, bike from Schwin, called the e-Bike. It features a removeable, rechargeable Toshiba battery and speeds up to 25 kmph.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

3 Days Commuting this week

Monday: 8 miles 23F
Tuesday: 8 miles 25F
Thursday: 8 miles 23F (60F on the way home!)

I commuted to work by bike 3 days this week! I'm not one of those people who tell everyone that they are going to stop driving their car and ride their bike everywhere they go. Sorry, I still like to drive my vehicle when it is raining, snowing, icing, below 20 degrees during the day, etc. Maybe I should set a goal, though. I'm thinking about trying to bike to work at least 20% of the time.

I complained to Gayle that I needed new wind/rain pants. We went over to Cycle Works Thursday evening since they were having all their winter cycling clothes 50% off. They had a few sets of wind/rain pants at $80 ($40 at 50% off), but none in my size. It looks like they were pretty well picked over. We checked at Penny's next and found some Nike wind/rain pants on sale for about $26. Why do cycling clothes cost so much more than running clothes??? These items were basically the same thing. Even at Performance Bike, they want $70 for wind/rain pants. Hmmmm - something to think about.

Brad also commuted to work by bike 3 times this week - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. He told a good story about his ride on Wednesday. Apparently, a local policeman turned into a side street in front of him without signalling his turn. Brad stopped him and asked if his blinker was broken! That takes guts!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

If you want the MoPac East extension, contact your LPS NRD representative NOW!

If you want the MoPac East extension, contact your LPS NRD representative NOW!

After reading about this on the "Folks from Lincoln" blog, I talked with Glenn Johnson, LPSNRD General Manager about this. He told me:

"The Lower Platte South NRD subcommittee reviewed the recommended trail corridor alignment presented by the Consultant and tied on a motion to recommend that the alignment be approved and presented at an open house meeting.

The expectation is that the subcommittee will reconsider this vote at a future meeting when all of its members are present. The design (of the trail extension) cannot proceed until the (NRD) Board has selected the alignment and directed the design to begin.

The (NRD) Directors have all received a letter and petition from the Landowners in the corridor area asking the District to NOT proceed with the project or to find an alternative route thaat didn't require any acquisition of private property. SOME DIRECTORS COMMENTED THAT THEY HADN'T HEARD FROM PEOPLE WHO SUPPORTED THE PROJECT, ONLY FROM THE OPPONENTS." (the last sentence I made all caps to emphasize what we need to do)

We need to contact our LPS NRD representatives and let them know that we want this trail extension! To find your representative, see this site:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It pays to commute to work by bike!

A new federal law is now rewarding companies for promoting bike riding by their workers. The Bicycle Commuter Act was part of the fine print included in the Wall Street bailout that Congress passed last fall.

It went into effect at the beginning of the year -- and can bring companies a $20 tax credit per month for each biking employee. Whether they pass that money on to the employee is up to the company.

Here is a link to the actual text of the new law:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

NUMB Ride video

Sorry that I haven't posted a blog for a few days. I volunteered to help out with the NUMB Ride web site and in the process, learned how to upload video clips to YouTube also. The clip above was taken during NUMB 2007, somewhere between Curtis, Grant, Benkelman and Cambridge Nebraska. Check out the new format for the NUMB web site at The registration information has been posted.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Commuting in the cold

Today: 8 miles, 25 F
Yesterday: 8 miles, 15 F

This is what I looked like the last two mornings. Monday it was 15 degrees on my commute and this morning it was "only" 25 degrees. I actually took another photo of the time & temp sign at the defunct Taco Bueno at 84th and Leighton, but it looks like I accidentally held my thumb over the lens. Anyway, the temperature is blurry, so you can't read it. I was a little slower this morning because I removed a broken Jim Beam bottle off the path so I wouldn't run over it next time through. Last week I had to move about 10 pounds of broken safety glass from some car window off the path. There are still a few small particles left, but I doubt that they can penetrate my Bontrager Race Light Hardcase (I hope). The sidewalk along 84th St. seems to be where all the drunks and idiots throw their beer bottles and other assorted garbage. Between that and the tall weeds, it can be a real obstacle course. I used to take 70th St. while 84th and Adams was under construction, but that is pretty busy with rush hour traffic in the evening.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Movie Monday

If you enjoyed the moon-walking bear from last year, you will enjoy the latest "Do the Test" cycling awareness ad from London. Here is another good video in HD: I almost fell off my chair laughing while watching this one. It is called "Bicycle Rodeo".

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Cycling!

A cute little cycling music video to pass the time ...

Friday Ride on MoPac

Miles: 8.5
Temperature: 48F

We had a nice ride on Friday afternoon. I called and emailed a few people, but only John and Cindy were available. I needed to get out and work off some of the pies and cookies that I had consumed over the Christmas and New Year's day holidays. The weather was near perfect, no wind and a little sun. We tried to check out the progress of the MoPac bridge construction at 27th St., but the trail was roped off quite a ways back from the bridge. Also, for some reason, the trail had barricades at the 66th St. crossing. It looks like the lights were covered up too. The photo above shows Cindy and John approaching the turn-around at 84th St.